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Independence Hall rollerballpen

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Independence Hall, a sacred and inspirational symbol of the American spirit, stands in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a timeless tribute to our nation's heritage of freedom.

Independence Hall was constructed between 1732 and 1741, it was the site on many of America's most momentous events, and is today one of its greatest treasures. Our country's most significant document, the Declaration of Independence, was adopted and signed in this very building, on July 4, 1776.

After the Revolutionary War the Continental Congress convened once again in Independence Hall to draft the Constitution of the United States. The original structure remained intact until 1897, when renovations became necessary.

At that time some of the original oak and cedar beams were replaced. The removed beams were stored for preservation by several private collectors.

To celebrate the Bicentennial in 1976, Burnes of Boston offered a limited number of chips cut from the original cedar beams of Independence Hall. Each chip was numbered and presented in a beautiful case.

Your handcrafted pen has a small piece of that chip from the cedar beam embedded in resin.

The chip used to create your pen is numbered 14650. It was purchased at auction by Michelle Bagley & Chris Austin, on June 17, 2019. We unconditionally certify this item to be authentic.

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