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Battle of Gettysburg witness wood fountain pen

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Battle of Gettysburg Witness Wood

The Oak tree from which this hand-crafted item was made, witnessed the most important battle of the Civil War. On July 2nd, 1863, this tree watched over General Longstreet's men as they prepared for an assault on the Peach Orchard, Round Top, and the Wheatfield. In 2002 this witness tree was claimed by a storm, and subsequently was removed from the battlefield by a company hired by the park service. Based off of the tree's rings at the time of its falling, this tree was estimated to be at least 180 years old. It was located in the South Western edge of the battlefield

Once removed a park service employee legally acquired the wood in an attempt to preserve a piece of history. I, Daniel Jones, certify that I personally purchased this wood from that employee and processed the raw materials used in this hand-crafted item.

The material sourced for this item was distributed and certified by Daniel M. Jones of Wood and Plane.

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